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Help with Gigster Bugs

As we explore the Gigster template further, we’re noticing some errors. The most significant is that when messaging, a “close” icon appears next to the person’s icon messaging the logged in user. If the icon is clicked, the user is deleted from the database. How can we fix the bug?


Hi @ben2,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, it does delete the user from database, indeed. Apologies for inconveniences, but could you please also list the other errors as well, so we could check on all of them and fix the template, so you’d be able to use the updated version. Please let us fix and I’ll get back to you with a reply asap.


Hi @ben2,

Just to add here. While our team is fixing the template, I can give you a hint of how it should work, so you could perhaps modify it and it will just hide/close the chat with user, instead of deleting him from database.

So, you have to open the Generic Vendor Chat in Reusable Elements:


Then you locate this X icon:

And hit to start the workflow:

And this is the step that deletes the user, indeed. Here you are able to change this action so it will just hide the chat, remove it from the Repeating Group or perhaps delete the chat itself, instead of deleting the whole user.

Hope it helps. :pray:

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Thanks @alexander for the quick response. I’ve changed the icon to close the chat. :+1:

We’ve already fixed some of the smaller bugs, but the ones we’re working now are related to the user_profile page.

When clicking “Edit Profile”:

  • “About You” displays as empty even though the user previously submitted/saved text
  • Clicking on the “View Sales” button redirects to “My Purchases”
  • Clicking on “View My Listings” redirect to “My Purchases”. Note: The user’s listing are actually viewable when looking at the user’s profile page.

Where can we find those pages?

Another significant bug is the lack of a cancellation dashboard as referenced in the cancellation process.
Note: Your colleague mentioned this feature will be pulled from the template, however, it really is a valuable feature if the implementation was reworked with stateful orders and allowed cancellations/refunds after purchase but prior to an order being fulfilled.

Thanks again @alexander

Hi @ben2,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you managed to solve the icon problem.

This happens because the Initial Content is blank, meaning it is not keeping the information that has been submitted (although it will be displayed until you refresh the page):

These are redirecting to the my_purchases page, indeed. Although it’s not a bug and works as intended, because the sales and the listings on this page. But you can change it, if you want of course.

Any page/element can be easily found by checking the page name in the URL that indicates the current page where you’re navigating on your previewed app, and you can turn on the debugger so you can locate the element’s name, in order to easily find it in your editor search bar.

Here is an example, so you’ll hopefully be able to find any sort of element later on:

Let’s say you want to find the View Sales button in your editor. So, on preview (with your debugger turned on):

You click Inspect in the Debugger menu, so you’ll be able to select the appropriate button and see it’s details:

As you can see, the name of this button is Button View My Sales, which is the name you can find in your editor on search:

It is located in the User Profile Manager Reusable Element, so just click on it and it will redirect you accordingly:

Then you just hit to start/edit workflow, and you can find its workflow:

Or, if you are not working with debugger turned on, you can simply search the element by its type, give it some additional text that it might contain, then find it.

Unfortunately - yes, this feature will be removed from the upcoming update.

Hope it helps. :pray:

Thanks @alexander! We’ve already repurposed the existing buttons and built out the associated pages.

My $.02 as your team assesses future template features is to clearly mark these buttons as placeholders for pages/features that need to be created. The existence of a button sets an expectation that a dashboard, sales lists, etc… is available. Or maybe it’s just me :man_shrugging: :wink:

Hi @ben2, I’m glad you’ve managed to solve it. And thanks a lot for your feedback. We’ve taken it into account and will look into the future possibility for improvements. Thanks :pray:

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