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Help with Wasabi Plugin

Hi all
Regarding the Wasabi plugin:

I understand how to upload the images to the Wasabi folder and it’s working great but I don’t understand how to display those images back in the bubble interface.

And wanted to ask if the best way is to save the images URLs in my bubble DB (as text list fields) or do I need to use a different structure?

Hi @amitshemla, thanks for reaching out.

To display the uploaded files on your page, you need to retrieve them back from the Wasabi storage. For that, please use the “Retrieve files” action:

And indicate a corresponding source on your element to display:

Depending on your use case setup, you can save file URL from a list of retrieved or uploaded files

Hope the provided hints will help. Also, check some workable setups on the plugin demo editor page: Appkit | Bubble Editor

If there will be any other plugin-related questions, please let me know.


Thank you so much
If you may,
Please see this loom - it’s still not working for me and I am not sure what I am doing wrong

Thank you so much

@amitshemla, thanks for your reply.

Please note that between uploading files and retrieving them back to display, a bit of time should pass.
A solution, in this case, would be to use the “File Upload Successful” event, followed by the “Retrieved files” action.

Hope this hint will help, let me know if there is anything else that requires our support.


Thank you very much,
It’s worked
Now I have another issue maybe you will know how to fix it:

I am letting the user upload logo (one file)
Then I am changing the user logo text field in bubble with the URL

The thing is that i need to refresh in order to see the new logo
I guess it’s because this is the same URL (i am rename the file to “logo” in order to have only one logo saved)
I can see on bubble that it’s working only if i am refreshing the page

When wasabi s3 a - file upload successful > then save this wasabi a lasts uploaded files URL last s3

see image please:

Hi @amitshemla, thanks for your message.

I’m afraid that this issue relates more to the general Bubble functionality, and regretfully, it would be beyond my responsibilities as a support team member to provide guidance through the application customization process. Sorry about that.

A general direction that I might suggest would be to check the plugin’s available events and actions (on the plugin tab), to see which one fits your project requirements.

If there will be any questions about default plugin functionality, please let me know.


But this plugin is super complex
Why you guys are not making any guide with the options or youtube tutorials?
It’s a paid plugin :frowning:

Hi @amitshemla, thanks for your reply.
For each of our plugins, we’ve created a plugin demo and demo editor pages, where the most common use cases are replicated, as well as plugin documentation with a detailed description of features.
As users’ use cases are very different in logic, complexity, and results, it might be very difficult to foresee all of them in a demo page.

In case of a question related to general Bubble functionality, a solution might be to search and ask on the Bubble official forum, as it is hosting the biggest Bubble community, which can provide a solution for your use case.

Nevertheless, if any questions about the plugin arise, please let me know.