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Hmac, Sha1 plugin

Hello, i’m subscribed to Base64 endoder and Hash&HMAC Encryptor Plugin.

What i’m trying to do.

I need to encrypt Api key value in order to initialize api call.

Zeroqode support write some steps https://forum.bubble.io/t/base64-hash-hmac-encryptor-new-plugin-from-zeroqode/22961/23?u=sat_miha

I did it, but i’m not sure how to connect it to Api Connector.

Any thoughts?


Hello, @mihailkuzminbest. Thanks for reaching out.

As I see, in that post there is describing how to encrypt the value with the help of the plugin. But not how to connect it to the API Connector. Perhaps, you may indicate into your API call the encrypted value, but this is not the 100% solution. It is simply can be that this plugin can not be used for such purposes.

I can advise you to dig into the Bubble Manuals or Forum for any useful info:

I hope this will be helpful for you :pray: