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I got an issue with the booking on that template. When a property gets booked, the booked dates are blocked on the booking calendar, but they look different on the two versions. On the desktop version (room) the booked dates are just ‘greyed’ (see attachment) while on the mobil version (room mob) the dates are crossed (there is a line through the date - see the other attachment). On the mobile version it is not possible to book the same date again. On the desktop version you can book the already booked time again. It looks like that the dates are unavailable but if you keep pressing you are able to book the same time again.

How can I fix that to avoid double bookings?

Thank you,

Hi, @Johann!

Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback!

We’ll take a look at that use case and get back to you asap.

Thanks for understanding!
Best, Julia.

Hey, John!

I’m reaching out to you to notify that I’ve checked the template. So, yes, there is a UI difference between room page and room-mobile page. That is the way our template was built according to our internal design solution. Anyway, the template works properly and you don’t have a possibility to book any room twice for the same period of time. Here what I did (screenshots illustrates only for test purpose):

  1. I booked a room from 20 July til 23 July

  2. Then if you try to search this room for a specified period of time (20 July- 23 July) you won’t see it

  3. But if chose period of time straight after 23 July apparently, it’ll appear

Summing up, you won’t be able to book one room for a certain period of time twice.

Hope this would be helpful!
Best, Julia.

I was not talking about the search page. This works fine.

As you see on my screenshots, its about the step where you can choose the dates, right before booking.

Johann, maybe I missing something, but as I see from our template even if I managed to chose the booked day, the “Book Now” button is not clickable. So, I couldn’t pay for that day. If I’ve got you wrong, please provide a bit more info regarding your steps to reproduce them and check.

Best, Julia.