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HomeBnB basics - Getting the template to work


I could use some pointers… I have removed my previous apps and started from scratch with the basic template. installed it, launched it and nothing works. I figure I missed something, but when I add in my Google API’s and other things (stripe keys), nothing is working. Can you help me with some tips on how to get the base template to work?


Hi, @raynellbell!

Thanks for reaching out!

It’s pretty strange, because as far as I understand you have created a new app with the template and should work. Could you please explain what do you mean by - nothing is working to help you better? Screenshots or screencast would be super helpful. Thanks.

Best, Julia.


I do apologize for that very vague description.

When I launch the app, and I attempt to use the search on the home screen, I get a red line under my search query. I put in “Paris, France” as I know there is at least one test record and nothing happens. Another example is when I create a new user, and I click the link “become a host” and I try to add a new record, I get the same red line when I put in an address. I thought it was related to me not putting in my own Google API code and Stripe keys but when I did that, still no luck.


here is a screen cap

Here is another example: Here I have added my keys and am not sure why the geolocation isn’t working

The places issue has been resolved :heart_eyes:

off to the races


Hi, @raynellbell!

Oh, I am so glad that everything is ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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Take care and stay healty :wink:
Best, Julia.

What did you do to get this step to work? I’m having the same issue. I double checked my API Keys and they are right and the geolocation still won’t pick it up.