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🏡 HomeBNB - Rentals like AirBNB Template - updated to new Bubble Responsive Engine

Hello, guys :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re happy to announce that we finished updating our HomeBNB - Rentals like AirBNB | No-Code Template by Zeroqode to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device :tada: :tada: :tada:

HomeBNB is a no-code web application template for accommodation rentals. It comes with listings, messaging, credit card payments, and much more.
Have a property or venue you want to rent or sell? Or maybe you plan to create a marketplace? Use this no-code app template to build a two-sided platform to connect users.
This template resembles the Airbnb functionality.


  • Landing page
  • Property listings
  • Search functionality
  • Responsive design
  • Payment system
  • Messaging


LIVE DEMO: https://rentalstemplate.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/homebnb-rentals-like-airbnb-template

Ecaterina Cheptini
QA & Support @Zeroqode
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Hello team, I am curious have you guys updated this template to be more like air bnb?
I see the Booky template that comes with great features that seem default such as cancellation fees and refunds which shows its a stripe feature. Is this available in the airbnb clone? I see features in other template that are on the airbnb website in other templates on zeroqode but not listed in the official airbnb clone template, and i don’t understand why?

Hello, @palmerohenenyako
Thank you for your question.

The functionality of this template is pretty similar to the Airbnb web platform.
Here is a user-type description:

Customer - Search for properties using filtering options: location, date, and number of travelers - Save favorite properties - Book properties - Leave ratings and reviews to share experiences - In-app messaging - Reservations/payments history

Host - Add/manage properties - Manage reservations - Reservations/payments history - In-app messaging

Admin - User/Properties stats - Manage users - Add/Manage listings - Add properties categories.

Indeed, there are no refunds or cancelation fees in this template. However, I need to note that it was created for demonstrational purposes and could be adjusted with absolutely any feature/design part you need.
Since this template uses the Stripe plugin, you can configure the refund by yourself, as an example.

To check all features of the template, please analyze it’s Demo Page here:

In case I can help you with anything else - let me know.
Best regards,

How much would it be to get this fully working? no extra features even.

Hello, @palmerohenenyako
Thanks for the question.

In case you mean the total cost of configuring this template, you need to:

  • Purchase this template firstly;
  • This template has Zeroqode Air Bundle plugin installed. It contains the six most commonly used and complex plugins that will easily extend your application. To be able to use it, the plugin needs to be purchased (one-time payment or a monthly subscription) via Bubble’s marketplace;
  • All the plugins which are used in this template you will find in Plugin’s Section:
  • Also, you will need to purchase any suitable Bubble plans.

However, in case you are speaking about the time, you need to spend to make this app workable, it all depends on your Bubble skills and idea ( design and some other configuration).

Best regards,

When i type my website on twitter i still get the rentalstemplate made with no code popup. How do i remove this?

Hello, @palmerohenenyako

If you are speaking about the page name, you see in the URL, you can change it here:

However, if you want to change the title of the app, you can make it from your account:

Please provide me with screenshots of the issue you are meaning above.
Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

this is the error i am having. i think i have wiped everything that is from the demo no idea where it could be

Hello, @palmerohenenyako

I suppose that you haven’t changed this point from your settings:

I think that exactly this is the issue you have faced above.

Please check it and let me know about your result.
Best regards,

Hi. I’m experiencing something very strange here. I’ve modified the template a bit for a similar service. When i click a button, it’s supposed to create a thing, but it simply doesn’t. When I create the thing without including any location field which uses geolocation api, the thing is created, but as long as i try to insert any field which contains a geographical adress, it doesn’t create anything. Note here that the same thing i’m trying to create has been created in another workflow on the same page. Also note that when i use the debugger, i can see the thing which is suppoed to be created and all its fields and the fields are not empty. Please I need help on this asap.

Hello, @tibuig
Thanks for reporting your issue.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with an exact answer without having information about your current setup of the “Create a new thing” action.
I suppose that the issue is related exactly to the way you are saving the Location.

Let me know if this is working in other workflows in your application.

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

ok. here’s the page in the editor.

Just go ahead and click to create a Trip Plan. At the first step when you click on next, it is supposed to create a new thing, but it doesn’t.

Please take a look at it.

Note that the workflow to create the Trip plan, the field ‘location’ was created by copying an expression from another workflow. I tried typing ‘searchbox location’s value’ but it won’t find it in the list, so i copied from another workflow. I’m guessing something is wrong with the google Maps API.

Hello, @tibuig
thanks for the link.

If you are speaking about this button, please note that there is no added any workflow, which will create a new thing:

Also, after analyzing your DataBase, I found that you don’t have a “Location” or “destination” type of data in your Base ( like in our default template settings):

Thus, there is no possibility of saving this type of data in your database, since there is no required field for this.

Please create it first, and after it try to save such data in your base.

I am looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Hi. I think you did not understand my problem. You have to click the button Create a Trip Plan to go into the wizard. Note that i said when you click the ‘Next’ button in the wizard, it’s supposed to create a Trip Plan (which is a thing in the database). Well, I have changed the button which triggers the workflow. Now the button which triggers the workflow is the link ‘I will do this later’ which is at the end of the wizard. The problem was that when creating the trip plan, i could not get the value for location, which is a column in the Trip Plan thing. it would not show up when i search, so i looked at the items one after the other to find it. I hope this doesn’t present a problem in the future.

Hello, @tibuig

If I understand you correctly, the issue was fixed?
I’m sorry, it is possible that I missed the idea, however, it seems to lie after changing the workflow, the issue was fixed.

If no, please grand me not read-only access to your application, so I will be able to play around with some of your settings.

Best regards,