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HomeBnB template and Stripe


I bought the HomeBnB template and testing it with a free account from Bubble.

With Stripe, I was able to make it work with one of the user with properties, in this case also has admin right (see attached screenshot)

I created a new user in this HomeBnB with a second Stripe account and made this user become a host. I was able to setup new property but ran into an error with Stripe(see second attached).

Please point me to the right direction to fix this error.



Hello, @namong42017
Thanks for reaching out.

Allow me to mention that this issue is pretty confusing because there are a lot of reasons for it. Please check the next points:

  • Please check the Redirect URI;
  • When you are proceeding with “register as a seller” please left blank all the fields in the mentioned call.
  • Please check the logs in the Stripe dashboard.

In case that you will not find the logs, but the issue will still persist, please share your request with the Bubble Support Team ([email protected]).

Also, allow me to advise you to check the documentation that surely help you with Stripe settings:

Also, allow me to recommend you some YouTube videos:

Best regards,

Thank you for your response, Ecaterina.

I am still not clear about the payment process in this HomeBnB template. These are my understanding and questions related to it:

  1. The owner of the HomeBnB platform will need a Stripe account to collect the money from the one who rent the place and make a payout to the owner of the place. Is this correct?
    I did setup the Stripe account and filled in the API key and the secret key in the setup for this one.

  2. After a user registered to become a host and setup his properties, how will he receive the payout?

  • Does he need to have his own Stripe account to receive the payout from the owner of the platform?
    If so, how does he enter his Stripe account information? I keep running into the error message
    “Sorry, due to a technical error we are unable to register sellers at this time. Please try again later.”
    when following the flow: Payments > Connect Seller Account

  • Or there is a different configuration that I need to do in order to make it work.

Thank you!

Hello, @namong42017
Thanks for these questions.

Please allow me to add some highlights below:

Yes. it is possible. The Admin of the platform will receive the fee from each operation.
For example, the users will pay the owner of the apartment and the Admin will receive the fee for this operation.

He should be registered as a seller on the Stripe platform. So, when a buyer will pay to the seller, he will receive money from his account.
Bubble’s Stripe plugin can only connect an already existing Standard Stripe Account.

First of al, please make sure that you filled all fields in the plugin’s tab:

After it, the best way to configure the plugin correctly, allow me to recommend you to check the demo settings by exploring each page (where the Stripe is used).

Additionally, allow me to recommend one more time to take a look at these documents: https://docs.zeroqode.com/connecting-stripe-payment-using-stripe-plugin
In the documentation for the template you also will find the description of the configuration of the payment within the app.

Hope it will be clear for you.
Best regards,

Thanks for your response Ecaterina.

The workflow in your reply belongs to a different template, there is nothing like that in the HomeBnB template. Anyway, I will keep reading and looking for the solution(s) then.

In the meantime, please take a look at the Search function in the HomeBnB template. It does not work at all, It could not find even the places built-in in the template.

FYI, I did have all the Google API setup correctly in the setup.


Hello, @namong42017

I’m sorry for misleading you :pray: I gave a not detailed example for your request.

You will be allowed to access your dashboard once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account at Stripe.
See the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Please check my responses on each of the requests below:

The Admin of the platform will receive the fee from each operation. And he definitely needs to have an account on the Stripe platform.
On the “room” page you can find the flow with the app fee:

You can change the app fee value within the payment action (charge the current user).

He should be registered as a seller on the Stripe platform. So, when a buyer will pay to the seller, he will receive money from his account.
So, in case the user decided to become an Owner, he needs to create a new account on Stripe.

In order to configure the Stripe within this app correctly, please check the documentation for this template and the payment section: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/homebnb-rentals-like-airbnb-template/setup-guide#payments

As for this point, please allow me to verify it and to revert with an update ASAP. Thanks for noting this :pray:

Best regards,

Thanks a lot for a detail instruction, Ecaterina. Much appreciated! I will give it a try tomorrow. Also, thanks for reaching out to your team about the Search function.


Hi Ecaterina,

Thanks to your latest information, I was able to integrate Stripe in the app.

Please let me know when you have new info on the Search function.


Hello, @namong42017
Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note that the issue with the searching option was fixed and now, it works properly on the Demo version of the template.
In order to work with an already updated template, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Create a completely new application, and in the dropdown “start from template” select the corrected template ;
  • manually copy all the settings you used in the previous application.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to start working with an upgraded template.
Best regards,

Thanks for being patient with me, Ecaterina. I really appreciated it.
Everything works as expected. I do have one request though.
Currently, after the Host adding a new property for rent, there is no way for him to come back and making changes: Facility, cost, etc…
Please see if this important function added to the template.

Thanks again,

Hello, @namong42017
I’m happy that the fixes were helpful for you.

Please note that this functionality is already implemented in the template. In order to make some changes to the added property, you should enter your profile and select the required property.
Please find the screencast below:

Please check it :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Yes, I did all that Ecaterina but could not find the function to make changes to a current property.
Attached is one example:

  1. I logged in as Drake Kale:

  2. I chose his property but there is no next step to make changes:

Let me know if I missed anything.

Hello, @namong42017
Thanks for your question.

Please note that in order to make changes to the current property, you should press the “Edit” button. Please check the screenshot with the arrow:

So, after pressing the button you will be able to edit anything you need :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it will be helpful for you.
Best regards,

Thank you! Thank you! :+1: :blush:


Hello, @namong42017
Happy to hear that it is working on your side.

If you like our template you can rate it by going to the Template tab in Bubble editor. Find the template by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :smiley:

The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great templates :smiley:
Thanks! :pray:

Hi Ecaterina,

I just want to let you know that everything works fine after getting to a Bubble paid plan and setting up the app with a custom domain name. However there is a message keep popping up when a link to this new website which I could not find a place to remove it. Please help! Thanks.

" Rentalstemplate marketplace made
Bubble introduces a new way to build a web application. It’s a point-and-click…"

Never mind, Ecateria. I figured it out.


Hello, @namong42017
Happy to hear that you have fixed it.

In case you need my support - please do not hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Hi, Ecaterina. Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.

I have encountered an issue this morning when a user tries to update his property’s description, it does not update the database. However, I am still able to update the user profile.

Please let me know how to fix it.


Hello, @namong42017
Wishing you a Happy New Year! :partying_face:

I’ve tested this feature on our Demo Page of the template and updated listing was successfully saved to the DB.
Thus, in order to check the reason for the mentioned issue, can you please share the screenshots of the workflow for the editing and updating actions within your application.

Here you can find the screen with our default settings:

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,