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When I view the live site on my mobile device (iphone 12plus) the default pictures and verbiage of the template are showing. I’ve deployed to live and when I’m on a desktop (imac) it looks right.

What is the fix here?

Hi @chris3,
I presume that might be an issue related to your smartphone (iPhone 12plus).
Allow me to recommend you to:

It should work and you will be able to see the live version of the app normally.
Please try and let us know.

Have a nice day ahead!


No. That didn’t work. I completed everything you mentioned and it still shows the templated pic and text on the main screen.

Hi @chris3, sorry if my advice didn’t help.

To help you with your issue, please provide more details:

  • describe on which page (index, dashboard, room, etc.) and version (development, live) of the template app precisely appears the difference between desktop and mobile version.
  • describe the actions are taken (for example, a) changed template images or texts with your own, b) made the deployment of the app, etc.)
  • specify if you made the deployment of your database within the app.

Also, to check the reason for appeared issue within your app and test it out, would it be convenient for you to add our [email protected] as a collaborator of your app?
Enter your Bubble editor page -> Settings -> “Collaboration” tab -> Invite a user (email).
(Note: you can add our support account to the collaborator’s list even if your app is on a Hobby plan.)
I will check your setup and do a few tests in an attempt to find the root cause and help you fix it.

In case it is ok for you, please let me know.