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Hotspot on plugin 360 panorama

Hi guys,

I’m building a panoramic visit experience with this plugin : 360 Virtual Tour Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

I can use arrow to make the navigation, but my goal now is to identify hotspot zones that can be clickable. How can I do it ? Does anybody have any advice ?

Thanks !

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Hi @corentin.schmidtenkn,
Thanks for reaching out!

For us to better understand your goal, can you please share more details about it? Any screenshots/additional explanations will be highly appreciated and this will decrease the misunderstanding possibility. :pray:

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi @Gulce !

Thanks for your reply.

So on the screen below you can see two red arrows and a blank bubble with some texts.

When the user use his mouse on the 360 panorama, the arrows will follow the 360 position.

Firtsly, I would know if it is possible de customize the arrow element ? If no, are you planning to add it or would it suit a dedicated plugin development ?

Secondly, is it possible to add specific places to open bubble elements, groups… ? For example, it would be very nice to be able to click on "open bubble element and tada, a popup show up with some dynamic content.

Last, can we use any bubble workflow when clicking on an arrow ?

I believe this plugin has a great potential as it is the only one who makes virtual tour possible. With the possibility to add dynamic content hotspots it would actualy be possible to use it for professionnal tour.

Hi @corentin.schmidtenkn,
Thanks for the details!

Yes, you can use any “Arrow” or any other image you want for navigation since arrows are displayed from the database and are actually “images”.


Yes, it’s also possible. You can add an “open popup element” as a marker in your database, and with some conditions depending on your use case, you can show a popup. Here I’ve made a video as an example: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

As I showed in the example above, we have the “360VirtualTours A Pointer clicked on element” event on our demo page that we actually use to navigate. However, you can also use it for different actions that will be triggered when you click an arrow, such as showing a popup.

Hope it helps!


Very nice !

Thanks you for your clarification @Gulce

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