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How can I edit a cell of a repeating group?

How to edit a post created by a user? I tried to display the data that is in the cell in the inputs but it didn’t work. I am sure I am making a mistake. Can someone tell me where is the mistake? I think in the workflow of the icon but I there isn’t an option to choose the inputs.

P.S: if anyone want the editor link, tell me.

Hello @markhallak,

Could you please provide a little more details regarding what you are trying to achieve? In which input you want to display data?

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Let us say a user added a post and wrote in the rich text input “Hello” and uploaded files “Image1”. When I click on the edit button in a cell in the repeating group. I need to be able to edit the rich text input’s value and multiuploader’s value in the popup.

Hello @markhallak ,

Got it, for this case you can create a workflow that would be initiated by the Edit button. In that workflow, you will have the action Make changes to a thing and with that action, you can change the objects that contain the rich text input’s value and multiuploader’s value.

I hope it helps.

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