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How come the general purpose template doesnt features a “Add from List” UI Component

Need a nice looking component which lets a user add items from a list to his/her order.

Either with search or just by showing the whole product list available.

And when the user select an item (or items) those items are added on the page, and in terms of database, each item is added immediately to this current thing’s list of items, with an option for user to “remove” items.

Its something very common on all pages.

Hi @cheskiefisch, thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the late reply (due to the weekend).
I’m afraid that currently, we don’t have a general-purpose template that has the required functionality. Sorry about that.

As a possible solution, allow me to recommend checking our Headstart template, which has an “Add from list” feature in “Ecommerce” compartment:

Kindly note that inserting such a UI element in your application also requires an advanced level of Bubble skills.

Hope it helps. In case any other question about our products will appear, please let me know, I will be glad to help.

Yes, i have the headstart.

What i meant was something like a multi-select dropdown where the user chooses from a list, and all chosen things gets added to a list below the dropdown, so the user sees the added things, and can choose to remove or re-rank items.

I know there is the dropdown from bubble, but i need something nice that can show for example each items Image, Name, Price, etc.

This is so common, i dont see why there is no ready UI component for this.

Hi @cheskiefisch, thanks for the provided details.

I’m afraid currently we don’t have such element available, sorry about that :pray:

In addition, allow me to recommend checking/posting your request on the official Bubble forum: https://forum.bubble.io/ as it will be shown to the biggest Bubble community, and maybe some other app creators has the searched element in portfolio.