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How do I Process A Reply From A Text Sent From 'Twilio - Send Text Messages' Plugin

Hi there,

I have installed the Twilio Send Text Message plugin and have successfully sent a text message from my Bubble App. My question is, how do I receive the reply back into my Bubble App. I want to use the texting function so that we can communicate directly with clients via text message but I need to be able to process the reply,



Hi @fstillone,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this plugin only allows to send text messages with it’s one available action ‘Twilio - Sent Text Message’.
However, as this plugin is a free one, you are able to fork it https://bubble.io/plugin/twilio---send-text-messages-1503656388355x494537099888295940 and implement any additional functionality you like, or you can use the Bubble API Connector plugin to easily work with APIs.

Thank you for understanding.