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How do you decode a repeating group using the Encode/Decode plugin


I have a page with a title input and a multipline input, both of which need encoding. I have that working perfectly now using four encode/decode elements.

Problem is, I can’t figure out how to decode for the repeating group that is listing all of the entries. here’s a screenshot to show you what I mean.

The column on the left lists all of the entries, but I can’t figure out how to decode these titles so that they display correctly in the repeating group.

How do I do this?


Hello @Siddhartha

To decode/encode a repeating group you need to add an element to each cell as presented here: https://prnt.sc/pwy952. You can check the example with decode/encode in the repeating group in our demo. Here you can find it: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=encode-decode&id=zeroqode-demo-09&tab=tabs-1
I hope it will help you.

Please let me know if you got the right result or have any other questions.

Best regards,


Thanks for replying Alex.

So I’ve added a decode element to the repeating group. I assume there’s no need to add an encode element as the data has already been encoded.

So, my next question would be how do I trigger the decoding without having a button in the repeating group, i.e. the repeating group just displays all the decoded entries automatically?


You’re welcome. It is my pleasure to help you out!

The process can be triggered when the page is loaded or when some input value from the page is changed. In the same demo page are presented a few examples of triggers for the decoding process besides “when the button is clicked” https://prnt.sc/pwysap
The repeating group will display decoded entry if you will set the result as “Decode/Encode’s output”



I can’t seem to trigger the decode when a page is loaded. It allows me to select from all the other decode elements on the page, but not the one that is part of the repeating group. If I drag that decode out of the repeating group and put it elsewhere on the page then I can select to decode it when the page load, but not when it is part of the repeating group Alex.


I checked the functionality of the plugin once again and for this specific case there seems to be a Bubble limitation. There is not possible to trigger the workflow without having a triggering element in the repeating group. We will inspect the possibility to solve this issue through the plugin functionalities. I will keep you posted in this regard.
Best Regards,


Thanks for confirming that Alex. I had tried everything and couldn’t get it to work.

The thing is, nobody would ever have a button to press to do the decoding in a repeating group so the example on your demo page is unrealistic. I just can’t imagine anyone developing an app that required that, but I can imagine lots of people (like myself) who need to have a repeating group that is accessing encoded data.

Since you added the new events the Encode/Decode plugin is working superbly, so it would be great to get this ironed out. As it stands at the moment it would mean I’d have to store the titles unencoded, and that would defeat the purpose of encoding everything else, but the title.

Hopefully you guys, and your super clever team, will figure out how to do it, or come up with a new event or something, so I am 100% confident I will be fine :slight_smile:


Dear @Siddhartha,

The request for the new feature for this plugin was analyzed. We do find this functionality to be helpful at the same time, taking into account our current development plan this functionality doesn’t have a high priority. However, adding the updated functionality will be considered in future updates of the plugin.
We hope for your understanding in this matter!
Thank you!

Best Regards,


Actually that’s a massive problem for me as I implemented Encode/Decode after checking everything out. I’ve already spent many weeks making it work right through my app, because of the problem with it not saving reliably. Thankfully, you eventually got that problem fixed with the two new events you added. It was just a shame that I’d wasted weeks of time trying to solve the problem myself when the reality was the plugin wasn’t saving reliably itself. But credit to you guys you got it sorted in the end.

But now it turns out there’s another major problem with the plugin. One of the key things I needed was that it did repeating groups, which you give the impression your plugin is supposed to do. Alas, it now (after more fruitless days of effort on my part) turns out it doesn’t actually do, or at least not in a workable way. That isn’t fair Alex. Had I known that from the get-go I would not have spent many weeks, even months on this plugin.

It isn’t like I’m wanting it to do anything spectacular. I just want it to work as advertised. This is basic functionality. Your demo is showing repeating groups, but the reality is that it DOESN’T work with repeating groups unless you have a decode button, which absolutely nobody would ever dream of having on a repeating group - not in a million years.

I urge you to please help me out here as my app will have to shelved until you get it working. I have invested so much time and money in getting it to this point that it will be awful to now have to ditch all that effort because a plugin I bought doesn’t actually do what it is supposed to do.

Please, please reconsider. I’ve spent a fortune on your plugins (I must be using a dozen or more by now) and LOVE what you and your team do. For me to now have to write-off my app at this late stage would be terrible :frowning:


Hello @Siddhartha

Let me jump in here.

Thank you for reaching out and showing interest in our products. In order to understand if you like the plugin, as well as make sure it fits within your required functionality, we are providing the opportunity to demo it via demo pages. We strongly encourage you to test it, before purchase.

Please make note that all of our plugins are fully functional when are shipped with the described features, and we recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily work with it, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.
If there are bugs we push fixes, if out of scope features are requested we do provide update with them but we usually take time to make sure that the requests are feasible.
As my colleague said in previous post, we indeed took notes regarding the request, however we now can not commit on a specific timeline, due to other priorities.

I hope this answers your questions. Please let us know if there are any other questions.



I have just emailed Levon with a full explanation. This isn’t a new feature request Dumitru and I did checkout the plugin and also had some excellent help from Gaby Roman too, who I have huge respect for when it comes to Bubble.

The problem is that the demo implies that this works for repeating groups, but the reality is that it doesn’t. In your demo example you have a button that people can press that shows the process of decoding, but the reality is that absolutely no developer in the world would ever - not in a million years - have a button on a repeating group that people had to press to decode data. It would never ever ever happen. It would be the craziest, weirdest, most user-unfriendly user-interface decision ever made in the history of programming.

So this isn’t a new feature request it is just a request to have the plugin working with repeating groups. Nothing more.

I have spent six months on this app and now I am going to have to shelve it completely and that is just devastating news. I would totally get it if I was asking you to do something the plugin wasn’t supposed to do, but I’m not Dumitru.



Thanks, for the feedback.
I believe yes, it may be not “user friendly” but saying that the decode / encode inside in the repeating group isn’t there, is a misstatement.
As I see, the demo page shows the plugin functionality and it works, while showing it via a button event and action.

Yes, there are hundreds of use cases which we can not cover, while providing the functionality which works now but it does not mean we don’t want to, though it may take some time.
Thanks for understanding.



Not user friendly is an understatement Dumitru.

If you can show me just one of your users who has developed an app that has a button that needs to be pressed to decode the data then I hold my hands up.

In fact Dumitru, if you can show me any app in the whole world that has a button that needs to be pressed to decode data then you win :grinning:

There isn’t one. There never has been one. It would never ever ever happen. As I mentioned before it would be the weirdest, craziest user-interface decision ever made by a programmer :joy:

As I have already said, I’m not asking for some weird user-case Dumitru. I’m just asking for it to work with repeating groups, which is totally the impression you give.

Also, are you actually saying that this plugin itself is only half-baked and will only encode/decode some of your data, but not all of it. Maybe you should make that clear and let people know that this plugin won’t actually work with one of the most popular data elements in Bubble, i.e. a repeating group.

I’ve spent six months of my life working on something that now cannot be released. Had you been honest and just said that this plugin doesn’t work with repeating groups (which clearly it doesn’t unless you want a silly decode button) then I could have been doing something else with my life.

I’m most gutted because I really loved Zeroqode and feel you’ve well and truly dumped me in it.

:sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning: :sleepy: :frowning:


Hello @Siddhartha

We pushed an update which will work in RG via new element Autoencode/Autodecode. Please update plugin to latest version, refresh the app and give it a try.
The update changelog:

  • 2 new elements added, autodecode/autoencode for repeating groups.

See the setup in our demo: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=encode-decode&id=zeroqode-demo-09&tab=tabs-1

Thanks for patience and understanding.



Hi Dumitru,

Just updated the plugin and given it a try and it is working. OMG. Thank you so much. You’ve made my day/week/month :slight_smile:

I need to put it fully to the test, so I will let you know if I spot anything, but from my initial checks it all seems fine now. Very cool.

You guys are quite simply THE best!!!


Thank you Zeroqode. I actually had the same problem as @Siddhartha. I would have been very upset if this issue had not been fixed. I think Zeroqode has really stepped up on this issue.

Thanks again Zeroqode and thanks @Siddhartha for persisting.