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How does Geonames work?

There are two parameters…what value goes into them?

I am trying to get place names from an address.

Hi @andisayhey.

Could please offer more details on the issue you’ve encountered with some screenshots of workflow, settings and other that can help to understand it.

Because if I understand correctly, you could mean the Latitude and Longitude parameters for example in Timezone?
Check image.


You can find them here in geonames.org:

For other parameters, it’ll go the same. Should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks for understanding.

I am trying to get the place name of an address. I think I have to use Geonames-Search but there are multiple parameters and I am not sure what to put into those.

How can I use Geocodes to extract a place name from an address?

I am using Bubble. I have a workflow that uses Bubble’s search box for geographic addresses.

Workflow- When search box value is changed-> set state search box (custom state) address= searchbox’s value (custom state is set as geographic address rather than text)

I then have a dynamic text element that calls the Geonames api-search and displays Geonames Search(data)'s-postalcode’s placename

Within the Geonames Api-Search, the parameters for placename and placename_s -> search box address

Do you know if we need to input our username? I saw on Geonames’ website that they need users to create an account to use their web service. I don’t say a username input in your Geonames API for Bubble.

Also do we need to url encode our text? (If so, how do we do that within Bubble?)

I guess I just need help making it work. For Placename, there are multiple parameters. I mentioned this in my previous post. Please refer above. Do all of the parameters have to be filled? What should they be filled with?

Hello @andisayhey. Thanks for reaching out and Sorry for a little delay.

Yes, you are right, Geonames now asking for authorisation.

We made an update to plugin and created instruction how to set up and demo page.

You can find it by link:

Hope that’s will help you.

Regards !