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How does Geonames work?


There are two parameters…what value goes into them?

I am trying to get place names from an address.


Hi @andisayhey.

Could please offer more details on the issue you’ve encountered with some screenshots of workflow, settings and other that can help to understand it.

Because if I understand correctly, you could mean the Latitude and Longitude parameters for example in Timezone?
Check image.


You can find them here in geonames.org:

For other parameters, it’ll go the same. Should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks for understanding.


I am trying to get the place name of an address. I think I have to use Geonames-Search but there are multiple parameters and I am not sure what to put into those.

How can I use Geocodes to extract a place name from an address?

I am using Bubble. I have a workflow that uses Bubble’s search box for geographic addresses.

Workflow- When search box value is changed-> set state search box (custom state) address= searchbox’s value (custom state is set as geographic address rather than text)

I then have a dynamic text element that calls the Geonames api-search and displays Geonames Search(data)'s-postalcode’s placename

Within the Geonames Api-Search, the parameters for placename and placename_s -> search box address


Do you know if we need to input our username? I saw on Geonames’ website that they need users to create an account to use their web service. I don’t say a username input in your Geonames API for Bubble.

Also do we need to url encode our text? (If so, how do we do that within Bubble?)

I guess I just need help making it work. For Placename, there are multiple parameters. I mentioned this in my previous post. Please refer above. Do all of the parameters have to be filled? What should they be filled with?