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How to activate the camera to scan a QR code to increase a counter by 1

I have the QR and bar code plugin,
I am having trouble activating the QR scanner to scan a QR code and then to increase a counter by a value of 1.
I need the scanner to initiate the scan by turning on the phones camera and scan the code and then increase the counter value by 1 and display the new number i was wondering if someone can help me out?
I can increase the counter manually by clicking a button at the moment and get it to display the new updated value.

Thank you.

Hello @kaan1

Let me help you!

If you already have functionality for displaying and updating the value by clinking a button it will be simple. You just have to replace the trigger of the workflow from When Button XX is clicked to When QR&BarcodeReader A Code detected. (Reproduce in the new workflow the actions for displaying and updating the values)
Also please consider adding to workflow the event “Stop live Detector QR&BarcodeReader A” after updating the value this will stop the process of scanning.

I hope this will help!