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How to create teams on tasky and teamspace


I bought teamspace to create teams and I couldn’t, also tried on tasky and didn’t work.
I would like to create teams and allow these users to see the same projects. Is that possible? Like on asana, basecamp, etc. Users in the same team are technically in the same workspace, so every project that is created can be assigned to anyone on the team and be seen by anyone on the team.

Just replied to your email, but it’s better that we continue here:
" Unfortunately this template is only for one team. I checked and see that you can’t add more team members right now - we will fix this soon, but I’m afraid it’s only for 1 team not multiple. What is your requirement exactly? What you are trying to build.?"

Hello, sorry, just seen the email. I’m trying to build something like asana and basecamp. So I need users to be able to sign up and create a workspace where they can invite others to sign up and join them on their workspace.

On teamspace it’s not possible to invite and on tasky I have to invite each user to each project, there is no option to create a team and the team seeing all the projects, tasks and workspace, like on asana, basecamp, etc.

Do you how it’s possible to create teams and workspaces?

Pedro, it’s certainly possible to create teams in both of the templates but it’s not easy to explain with a few words. I would suggest you do our courses at Zeroqode Lab (especially we have a tutorial that teaches you how to build TeamSpace app) - here is the link - https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/projects--tasks-app-like-teamspace-course-1549858220103x840146378392076300