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How to display rich text input from ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0


Hi, I just bought and installed the ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 and while it was very easy with the bubble rich text editor to display rich text, I simply can’t figure out how to do this with the ZQ plugin.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Install ZQ RTE field
  2. User fills in field
  3. Workflow saves text input to database
  4. User should be able to see the same rich text in another field on the app

Last point is where I fail. The text gets displayed correctly if opened in the same field as it was entered but it only shows plain text if displayed in another field.

Many thanks for your help!

See screenshots attached


Hello @gaudenz

We’ve got reports regarding the RTE Plugin, to not work correctly lately.
Please bear with us while we check things out, and be back to you with an update on the matter, asap!
Thanks for understanding.


Thanks for letting me know - I look forward to the update!


Hi @Dumitru
Are there any news on the above? A timeline? I kinda need the rich text plugin (and it’s not like it was a free plugin…)


Hello @gaudenz

Sorry for no updates on thread. :pray:

We’ve worked on a fix however we’re still testing things out before shipping it to the production.
I’ll notify you asap.
Thanks for understanding.


Hello @gaudenz

We pushed an update to plugin with fixes, please upgrade the plugin to latest version.
Thanks for patience and understanding.

In order to get the right formatting please save the RTE’s HTML state in database.
The Text state will give just plain text.



Great - I’ll look into it in the coming days! :+1:



It still doesn’t work for me.
Text entered in the RTE field is not stored or cannot be retrieved correctly. When displaying RTE in any field, all formatting gets lost. I am saving the RTE text in a database text field and want to display it using a text element. But it also does not get displayed correctly when using an RTE lite element.

Further, I was wondering whether there is a possibility to only show certain formatting options (e.g. bold and bullets) like it was possible in the now depreciated RTE?



hello @gaudenz

In order to keep formatting you don’t save the Text, however you save the HTML to keep the formatting intact.
After that you place HTML element on page and give it as initial source the saved HTML field.
Hope this helps.

The text state, it is designed for a different situation when you only need to use for displaying raw text. Nothing more, nothing less.


Hello @Dumitru

Done - but it still is buggy. The html text often does not get saved in the bubble database. Sometimes it does get saved and displayed correctly but then suddenly it is lost again.
Do you have similar reports of that?



Hello @gaudenz

I’m afraid we did not received such reports. However we’ll take a look at this, can you please provide your workflow setup, step by step issue report, some screenshots, etc.
So we could help you better.


Hi Dumitru
I saw that bubble is working on a new rich text plugin (currently in beta). Since I just need basic functionality, I’ll try with their plugin.
Thanks nevertheless,