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How to fix image quality on Nextdoorly app

Images uploaded to the app are extremely poor quality. How do I fix this?

Hello @messiah
Thanks for reaching out!

Please do check out this thread post - https://forum.bubble.io/t/uploaded-png-images-without-transparency-are-converted-to-jpg/54418/6?u=zeroqode

You can bypass this by serving the master image from S3 inside an HTML element as suggested above, or by appending ?ignore_imgix to the image source property inside the image element.

hope this helps.

In regards to Bubble functionality you could find more resources and support : https://forum.bubble.io/

As for the image processing you can use Imgix plugin which can be help you with additional control over the quality - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/image-processing-using-imgix-1528885359695x507830172296151040
See the Live Demo that it works as expected for you.
Thanks for understanding.