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How to implement imgix plugin to bubble.is

I build an app for myself in bubble.is and I needed a watermark adder and best choice seemed to be an Zerocode’s “Image processing using Imgx”. I also registered myself to a user in imgix.com and supposably I got the Proxy server and security token out from there correctly.


Now the problem is, that in the demo there is a selection in Element actions, that image can be modified that seem not to be present in my case…

Hopefully someone may have some ideas where to look to solve this problem?

Many Thank’s in advance!

OK, I got it working, but now I have a better question:
I paid $35 for the plugin and now I see that there might be some additional bills coming on my way also from imgix.com. Is that the case that there might be some additional fees to process the images?

OK, wiser again.
There is a actual fees processing the images that were not even mentioned in the plugin description. I strongly recommend to add some notes about third party upcoming bill possibilities (in app purchase or something like this) to prevent further 1 star reviews.

I tested the system and tried to get it up and running and all my activities were tracked:

Lucky that imgix.com has $10 credit to spare but if that runs out then the bill is sent.

Hi @olari
we will add a language that explicitly says about the additional charges, sorry about that, however we noticed that you rated this plugin as 1 star. The plugin itself works well and does what is advertised. I don’t think it’s fair to give such a rating just because we didn’t make the description explicit. Can you please reconsider?