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How to use Template for existing app?

Hi there

Just bought a template (which I like very much). The problem is that I want to use the template for an existing (empty app) on a paid plan. There seems to be only one possibility to use the template when creating a new app.

Copying all the workflows of the template manually would be a nuisance…

Is there really no alternative?

unfortunately you are right, there is no alternative, you either need to copy entire pages one by one (in that case the workflows will be copied over but if they are related to database or other missing elements they will give errors and you would need to go through errors and fix the referenced database fields or elements. or you can cancel your current subscription on the paid plan since it’s empty anyway, then create a new app from the template and subscribe the app to a paid plan. Alternatively i think you can reach out to [email protected] and ask them to manually change the subscription from one app to another.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the quick reply. I that case I will try support. Maybe they can change the process in the future.

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