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How to use the Box.com Service plugin?

It’s asking for a file ID. I only have the URL.

I’m generally not sure how to use this plugin, there is 0 documentation outside of setting it up.


@marcus Hello.

Have you checked our demo set up? https://zeroqode-demo-02.bubbleapps.io/box-user
It should give you the idea of it works and how we use it.

Zeroqode Team.

Yes I checked it out but I don’t understand.

I have the file saved as a URL in a field in Bubble’s database. Via Bubble’s box plugin. But that does not have a delete action.

I just want to use Box storage instead of Bubble since Bubble is expensive.

Hi Marcus,
it’s not exactly true that the plugin doesn’t have any documentation - did you check this link?

I am curious, is this plugin making an API call to box when we use it? (I see box limits users to 50,000 API calls a month, I was thinking of using it to deliver 1000 photos a day to clients.)

Hi Jeff,
yes, this plugin uses API to access Box.com - but maybe they have different tiers that would allow you more than 50 000 API calls per month?