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How to use the template

Is the idea to start with the template and strip out everything not needed? Or is the idea to extract what I need from the template and copy it to a new app?

Hello @oneill.nicholas

Thanks for reaching out!

Well there is not straight answer and it will depend on your final vision. :slight_smile:

Usually the template is an out of the box ready to use application, with data to fill , adjust branding and content to launch as an MVP. What this means, is basically to strip out and adjust everything to your needs.

For more templates check: https://zeroqode.com/templates

However there are templates, like Landing, Blocks, etc which are 1-2 pages of designed applications to be used as blocks for your main application with content that can be copied over another application.

Here are some examples: https://zeroqode.com/blocks

We appreciate you taking a proactive step and reaching out to us with questions!

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Thanks Dumitru. I purchased the Headstart 2.0 template. It seemed to me that this template was, kind of, as you describe the “blocks” above. Or rather a collection of blocks. It seems I should have purchased blocks :confused:

Hello @oneill.nicholas

Speaking about Headstart Template, it is indeed a General building template composed of different blocks/pages which either can adjusted into one application or rather be copied over to another application.

Even though it is composed of many elements/pages, it can reconstructed into a marketplace for that matter, however it is recommended to have intermediate knowledge with Bubble to tweak it accordingly.

We have courses that may help you learn and master Bubble much faster. Please check it out here https://lab.zeroqode.com and moreover by using “zeroqode” promo code you will get 20% discount on your first 6 months of subscription.

Also you definitely can check Bubble tutorials and docs: https://bubble.io/documentation

Hope this helps. :pray: