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How would Zeroqode approach coding Repeating Events Functionality

Hello Zeroqode Team,

I would have questions to the no-code devs. How would they now in 2022 attack a topic of repeating events.

I have coded one solution but it is not perfect. It also requires quite a number of workflows to handle, frequency and until date. Last year I built it in the following way:

a) Have 2 data types: Event , Recurring Event . Event is the parent and Recurring Events are children.
b) Create a temporaryEventState for storing Event data

c) Trigger Maestro (Orchestra Plugin)

d) Maestro is using Data Receiver to check how many cells are in the RG (I think it was also from a plugin) and then creates Recurring Events based on Event. The user inputs how often the event should be happening daily/weekly/monthly and what is the end date (until when should the repetition happen)

  1. Which plugins would you use?
  2. Which native bubble functionalities would you use to accomplish the task?

Thanks for all the advice!