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I am debating purchasing the Google Sheets & Charts (Service) but need to know if it can do something


I’m debating purchasing this plugin but I’d like to know if it can likely do what I want it to do.

First, I want to be able to copy data from a range in the google sheet to my bubble database.

Second, I also want to be able to create multiple sheets in one workbook, write to any of these sheets, and copy data from any of those sheets to my bubble database.

Does all of this sound possible with this plugin?

Hi @harrisonalley, yes, it is possible to accomplish with both of our plugins. However, it is important to understand whether you really need the Service one or not, as we have 2 plugins for Google Sheets & Charts.

So, in case you need to log in with your account and use only your own excel files, you don’t need the Service one. But, if you need to create a file that you want to give access and share among multiple users, you need the Service one.

The difference between the simple one and service, is the registration and access. In service, each user accesses the file which was created by the admin of the page. In simple one, each user authenticates on his own and accesses his own files (or the ones which he has access to).

Hope it helps.

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