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I bought Agora plugin but it is not working on mobile

Hey @Dumitru @levon @alexander and everyone else from zeroqode team.
Trying to get in contact with Vlad Larin in telegram - he refused to share the contacts so I am posting here.
I have paid for agora plugin and today I realized that it doesn’t work on my Iphone 11.
So basically I am trying to create a room using my iphone on this bubble app
When I click on the button, the room is created on web successfully

But unfortunately, nothing happens on mobile.
I will attach a video from my iphone

Could you please contact me in telegram @kodjima33 to solve this? I need to deliver the app tomorrow

Just pinging this post

Пацаны, я разобрался, походу сама агора - говно и она сама по себе не работает на айфонах в chrome

Hello, @kodjima33. Thanks for reaching out.

I have checked your Healthathand app on desctop and mob devices (iPhone 11/v. 13.4.1) - the video conference within your app is not working.

I’ve tested the video conferance from our plugin Demo page on iPhone 11 (Chrome) and it was completely workable - http://prntscr.com/sfxta0
Thus, I suppose the root cause of your issue may be in your app setup.

Please check the plugin documentation and make sure that you’ve set all the parameters correctly:

Also, there is an Agora article How can I use Agora Web SDK on mobile devices? that informs users about the possibility of the unstable Audio/Video work on mob devices:
Perhaps, this can cause your issue too.

Please doublecheck the plugin settings on your side with the documentation I’ve shared. You compare them with the plugin demo page, also.

I hope this will help.