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I bought Nextdoorly template and experience some problem and confusion

Hi, I bought a nextdoorly template.

  1. I purchased the template but the banner is running like i haven’t bought the template and i also followed steps to remove the script. i removed it but even im getting the problem. i need to remove the banner.
  2. I’m using in Chrome Browser, i see admin dashboard in the mainpage, i need to remove it and have separate login for admins. I don’t want it to be there.
    When i click the dashboard, it has no login panel. simply getting to admin dashboard and it returns back to previous screen within 2 seconds.
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Also i’m not sure whether the site is live or not. I’m unable to go live

Hi @mergefy ,

We have checked the template and indeed, there is an issue with Dashboard redirecting to login page back. Please let us fix it and I’ll notify you back as soon as possible.

Regarding removing the banner, unfortunately this issue is not reproducing on our side after test. Without knowing more about your settings, I’ll give you a hint that might help. Please create a new app using this template and follow the necessary steps to remove the banner script. After you do it, click Preview tab to open your app, but in case it’s already opened then just refresh the page.

If you want to remove the Dashboard from main page, you’ll have to remove it from Reusable Elements and specifically form Header:

You can copy it and add to wherever you’d like and configure its workflow to redirect you to any other page or make any adjustments you want.

Regarding test/live version of your application, once you purchase the template and create a new app using it, when you click Preview it is running the version-test of it. You should see its URL like this your-app-address/version-test which is a hint that it’s the test version. But if you want to deploy it to live, and after you do it, the version-test will be gone, which means it’s in live.

To deploy your application to live, it can be done here:


However, in case you have other questions related to Bubble development itself, I would highly recommend you get Bubble basic skills first, we can help you with that too, as we have online courses you can check here at https://lab.zeroqode.com/ where you can enroll and start learning Bubble that can speed up the process of building your app! In case you have more questions regarding Bubble development, please visit a great community here https://forum.bubble.io/ that can be very helpful.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi, Alex.
I had banner problem today morning in preview but when i deployed live it disappeared.
Do i need to delete the old and create new app with the template.

Hi @mergefy, no, you don’t necessarily have to delete the old app. You can create as many new apps as you like using the same template. Thanks!

Hi sir, Will it be connected to the same domain?

Im getting on more problem in the template.

where exactly do you see this error message? What are you trying to do when it pops up? Can you share the link to the page where this happens?

The link is mentioned above, i cant able to register, so i posted the error here.

Hi @mergefy, unfortunately this problem is not reproducing on our side, the template is working properly. Without knowing more about your workflow and changes that have been made to your application, I can give you a hint that might work. Try to create a new app using this template, without making any changes, and test the sign up to see if it works. If everything is good, then the issue might be in the workflow changes that have been made. In this case, please share screenshots of your workflow and settings when this issue is triggered on sign up, and all the exact steps to reproduce this problem from beginning of creating your app. Thanks :pray:

Hi sir, yes your correct, i tried with new app it is performing well. but in my primary app, i see the temporary problem.

Can you able to reset the template?

I would like to make a update here. The admin dashboard is still not working also in the primary one. I tried in new app, till morning i got trouble in new app too but its working now properly. Now the problem is in my primary app only. when i load admin dashboard, its return back to homepage.
I had added the link to the issue. Thanks

Is there any separate login available for admin. Please let me know the login & signup process of admin

Hi @mergefy,

As you can see yourself, the signup of this template is working properly, which means there are no issues on our side based on this request. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can help here, but only if you share all details mentioned above so we could point you in the right direction with this problem. Unfortunately, the provided information is not enough.

Yes, we are already aware of this problem and our team is working on this fix. We’ll notify you back on fixes as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there is no separate login form for Admin user, but once you press the Dashboard tab it already logs you in as an Admin to the platform. In case you want to make it separate, it is absolutely possible to accomplish. You can customize the template as you like and separate the Admin login if you want at your own discretion.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Hi @mergefy, I’m reaching out to notify you on template update. The issue regarding Dashboard glitch has been fixed. In order to use the updated version of the template, it is required to create a new app using this theme.
However, the page redirection is a pre-built functionality of this template, there is a workflow which redirects user from dashboard to login page if user is not admin. For security purposes, the template has limited rights for potential customers. Meaning, you need to sign in a user with admin rights to view the page.
Please check the template’s Admin documentation here https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/nextdoorly-neighborhood-communities-like-nextdoor-template#admin-1 and for more information too.

Thank you for patience :pray:

Hi @mergefy,

If you like our template you can rate it by going to Template tab in Bubble editor. Find the template by name and give it as many stars as it deserves.

The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great templates :smiley:

Thanks! :pray: