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I can't see the Map on Preview

Hi there,

Thank you for seeing this post.
And please help me🙏

I can see the map on the edit page, but I can’t see the map on the preview page.(become very small)
I checked the settings and workflow, but I don’t know what’s wrong.
Do you have any ideas on what’s wrong?

elements tree

Thank you so much.


Hi, @Nat!

Thanks for reaching out!

To help you better could you share step by step what you have done and how? Did you use the Map element from bubble or plugin map element? Also, please send us the workflow screenshots as well. Thanks.

Best, Julia.

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Hi Julia!

Thank you for your reply!
I don’t know what was the problem exactly, But I could fix that !!
Thank you so much for your kind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, @Nat!

Really glad to hear that you have solved your problem :grinning:

Wish you all the best and great success in the future. Take care :wink:

Best, Julia.