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If successful site

If you could answer.

Imagining the site we build. If they do well, perhaps they increase in activity. For example the site generated 1 million active users? Does this mean I pay the fixed monthly servers hosting?

Thanks guys :blush:

you pay fixed monthly server hosting, but with 1 million active users you might need to upgrade to higher plans so the app does not get slow. For pricing details please check this page https://bubble.is/pricing

Appreciate the info

My other question would be based on the social media, im guessing this is not available to be used on iOS or is that possible?

Thank you.

it’s possible to use on iOS with this solution https://zeroqode.com/native

Perhaps if i was building a social media such like Yik Yak. From what the description mentions, this is purely a template. Would this be correct saying no features like the demo preview, where i’m able to add text and post them to the room?

Also can i add features like upload photos?
Geo location?

these features can be added to the template relatively easily

Even when downloading yik yak template, non of these buttons are already in place. These have to be added as function keys?

yes, whatever features you want to add you would need to implement them as buttons, icons workflows etc. I suggest you take a few tutorials about how bubble works so you get the idea. https://bubble.is/documentation

Right. Would I be able to complete a blank start to finish a social website similar to Facebook?

technically it’s possible to build something similar to Facebook (actually we have a social network template that can be used to save time/costs - https://zeroqode.com/template/linkedin)

That’s great news. Perhaps if I’m able to make something similar to this layout would this be possible?image

the looks like a mobile app that uses images a lot, i think our instagram clone would be a better fit then https://zeroqode.com/template/instagram

Anything that I can build, using a material design template and add buttons like these?

you can build anything using material design

Instagram template you have created, this won’t jeopardise or bring any repercussion for being almost alike? As social networking sites are very stringent with copying.

we didn’t use any logos or design styles from Instagram, and we believe the template uses a general concept of a social network… so don’t expect any issues

Would there be an option for editing before buying.

I’m afraid it’s technically impossible

Im assuming the bar can be altered to different colours including the scroll?

Yes, both are possible, but for customizing the scroll bar you’ll need to use this plugin