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Image and CSS doesn't load on Live version (Discoursely template)

I am using discoursely template. While my dev version shows up css and image, my Live version isn’t showing up. Is there any setting change I need to do for such static content. Attached are the images. Please help.

which plan your app is on? CSS doesn’t work on hobby plans and require at least personal plan

It’s personal plan. The top header with ‘Discoursely’ is not seen on the live version, I can see that only in dev version. Do I need to activate anything?

This is how it looks: https://enterprisr.bubbleapps.io/

did you deploy your app?

Yes, I did… Just did a minor change of changing the visibility of admin button on load and deployed. The header wasn’t loading up before this change also. I have deployed to live few times and tested this, still no luck.

can you share the links to the app so we can see the dev and live version?

This is the test version: https://bubble.is/site/enterprisr/version-test/

This is the live version: https://bubble.is/site/enterprisr/


I guess we’d need access to your app in order to help you out.
Please add [email protected] and [email protected]zeroqode.com (no need to upgrade the plan, these accounts are on agency plan)