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Image Annotation Dynamic Link Broken

Image Annotation does not render a dynamic image from v1.19 to current. Image renders fine in v1.18 and below. Please fix this.

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Hi, I’ve made exactly the same structure like in demo editor and I can’t upload dynamic image into it.

Is it because of data type-marker or it’s just doesn’t work and it’s a bug?

I’d appreciate the answer :slight_smile:

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It has to be a bug. Revert your plugin to V1.18 and you’ll see the dynamic image will pull properly.

Side note: ensure to view the console in your browser’s dev tools. It’ll bring you clarity on the issue.

Hello @bradey and @maciejmamorski, :wave:

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. To better understand the issues you’re experiencing, could you please provide screenshots or video recordings of the problem? I would recommend using a tool like Loom to record a brief video demonstrating the issue can be incredibly helpful. This will allow us to see exactly what’s happening on your end, including the steps you’re taking, the plugin version you’re using, and how the image fails to render or upload dynamically.

Highlighting how the image fails to render in the newer versions would be would be greatly appreciated. Please also include any error messages or indications that might suggest whether it’s a data type-marker issue or a potential bug.

Once we have these visual aids, we’ll be in a much better position to diagnose the problem and work towards a solution.

Thank you for your cooperation. :pray:

Best regards,

Hi there @bradey and @maciejmamorski, :wave:

I hope you’re well. I wanted to touch base regarding the plugin issue you reported earlier. Have you had a chance to resolve the matter, or is it still ongoing?

If the issue persists, I’d appreciate it if you could provide some screenshots or a video recording. Tools like Loom can be really useful for a brief demonstration. This would give us a clearer view of what you’re experiencing, including the plugin version in use and the specific rendering or uploading problem with images. Additionally, any error messages or other indicators you can share would help us determine whether the issue is related to data types, markers, or if it might be a bug.

Your input is crucial for us to replicate the problem on our end and seek a solution. We’re here to help!

Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to your response.

Best regards,