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Image Gallery issue on page scroll down

I am using the image gallery plug in with bubble.io which looks good but the problem is the gallery is going at the top of the page and in terms of UX it is.stopping the screen scrolling down so on my MacBook if the cursor is resting over the images (which take up a large part of the top of the screen so is generally the case. It stops the me from being able to scroll down the page (2 fingers on trackpad in this. case but i assume same issue on mouse and on PC). Is there any way to modify this as I do not think I will be able to use the plugin as it stands. Thanks,

Hi @stephen.clegg,

Thanks for reporting. Could you please share screenshots or better a screencast of your app + plugin element setups and preview of course, so we can see the results by following the exact steps and try to replicate it on our side to find a solution asap, if possible. Also, what browser and OS version do you have? These details will help us have a better investigation.