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Image Slider Causing Icon Issues Error

I purchased the Image Slider plugin and the plugin itself works but its causing issues with the other icons on our page. The other icons are all bubble native icons but it looks like the plugin is interfering with how the icons look. The first icon is supposed to be a location marker but the white circle in the middle is gone, and the second icon is supposed to be a diamond that now shows up as a rectangle. As soon as I remove the image slider the icons go back to normal.



Hello @mwazir1 , Thanks for reaching us!
Could you send a bigger screenshot please, thanks.

So here’s how the screen looks without the image slider anywhere on the page:

And here’s how it looks when we add the image slider (notice the how the icons get messed up)

Hello again,
The issue has been fixed please upgrade the plugin to latest version.


Hi Vitalie,

The latest verion is 1.11.0 right? I’m still facing the same issue unfortunately.

Hello @mwazir1

Sorry for the trouble here. Seems like we forgot to push the fixes to production, really sorry about the inconveniences.
I’ll notify you asap, once the update is live.
Thanks for understanding.


@mwazir1 an update has been pushed, please upgrade to version 1.12.0
sorry for a delay with this :pray:

Hi, just tried the new version and still getting the same error. The icons are still getting messed up as soon as the image slider is placed anywhere on the page. I tried on multiple browsers as well and the same issue surfaces all across.

Oh never mind, just tried it out now and it works! Just needed to give it some time i guess. Thanks!