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Image Slider Zoom Save Zoomed Image

Hey there!
Im looking to implement a feature for my website where the user can upload a picture and adjust it (Zoom and drag) it as he wants it to be saved. The only plugin I found that lets users Zoom & Drag is the Image Slider Zoom Plugin. Now for my Website I would also need to save the picture in the “state” that the user zoomed and dragged it. So if the user upload a picture in the picture uploader, and for example enhances it by 1.5 and drags it a bit to the left, I need to save the picture exactly like the user adjusted it in a data type.
Is that somehow possible with that Plugin?
If not are there any other Plugins that fit better for my needs? It should kind of be like when you upload pictures to instagram for example

Hi @cryptotrader,
Thank you for reaching out.

Both plugins:
Image Zoom on Hover Pro Plugin
Image Slider Plugin
They are used for Visual styling effects and don’t have any actions or events that can be used in order to save the changed value in a custom state, unfortunately.

The most comprehensive plugin to process images we have is:
“Imgix” Image Processing Plugin for Bubble, please check carefully the supporting documentation and the live demo page for some examples.

Hope it helps.
If you will have additional plugin-related questions, feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to help.
Best regards. :pray: