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Imgix - Image resize without stretching

I am using your plugin to resize images based on the height. They should crop to fit. However, some images are stretching. See screenshots of some working well and others not working well.

I see in the Imgix documentation that there are many image cropping options. I’m wondering if I can access them through the plugin.

I’d be satisfied if I could just crop by height without stretching the image. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @anne,

Thank you for your question!

Could you please show your workflow and how you set the actions. It will help us understand the issue and find the solution.

All image cropping options of the Imgix are available through the plugin. You can access them by using workflow action process_image image-processing.


Oh wow! I didn’t know about the workflow! I was doing it as shown in the screenshot. I will try the way you suggest. Hoping this will resolve the issue. Thanks!

Still having trouble. I’m trying to get the images to resize dynamically with the width of the page (without stretching the image) but set the max height to 300px high.

I’ve tried several different Resize Fit Mode options and nothing seems to work. I found info on Imgix documentation page (see screenshot) that seems to describe what I’m looking for but haven’t been able to get it working. I think one problem is that I can’t define the width of the image. I would need to do that dynamically and I’m not sure if Bubble allows me to do this. Any ideas?


Hi @anne ,

Please try to apply the following settings. This should set the max height to 300px and allow images to resize dynamically with the width of the page.