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Increase the Bubble page load speeds with Cloudflare

Hey Zeroqoders,
we all know how important it is to have fast loading pages and we’ve seen that sometimes the speed might be an issue.
We have discovered that Cloudflare can significantly improve the page load speeds. See screenshots for before and after for our web-site



so it went from 5.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds (almost 10x faster!)
we’ve seen the same results for https://zeroqode.com

so if you’d like to experiment with this too here is how to do it.

sign up at cloudflare.com for a free account and add your site there.

when prompted to select a plan choose the free one

then cloudflare will query your DNS settings and will reproduce them but you’ll need to double check your current DNS settings and make sure all records are there - if anything is missing just add those manually.

then you would need to change the nameservers for your DNS (basically you will need to make cloudflare your DNS manager)

once that is done and your nameservers are updated you will need to click on “speed” from the site menu

and enable all the options for “auto minify”
then also apply the “brotli” compression

and rocket loader

you might need to wait about 24 hours until the DNS name servers are updated for the speed improvement to take place.

Make sure to check the page load speed with this tool https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/cS0642/https://zeroqode.com/ before and after the changes to see the impact. And don’t forget to share your results here :slight_smile:


Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @levon ,

I need to get your experience with other applications build with Bubble. That’s making mobile apps faster, as 10x also? Just want to know before investing. Bubble isn’t already using cloudflare? Thanks.

Something has been changed recently and the effect is not as high, the best to experiment for yourself and see. Also check this same thread on the Bubble forum, there is more discussion.

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I missed that discussion!

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