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InnerSpace - Meditation App Template - Issues

Hello -
We recently bought the template off the bubble marketplace and are looking to customize it for our use.
In trying to follow the instructions on setting admin rights we realized that all our options are grayed out and we don’t even have any users (demo users etc) listed in the DB. There may be other items missing.

Please advise if this is a version thing or if we’re missing something. We’re looking to customize this for an immediate use.

If there’s anyone familiar with this template as well as bubble we would welcome any support.


Hi @fricktionlessdev, thanks for reaching out.

In case there are no users to assign the admin role, please register them through the template’s sign up flow and assign the admin role by editing the profile in the database.

In case event after this the issue will persist, please share (here or in DM) a screencast (I suggest using the Loom tool) with the details of the encountered case.


Hi Serg

I am also working with the innerspace site. Is it possible to be provided with the full Content and Functions as shown on the Demo?

Kind regards


Hi @davidtorah15, thanks for reaching out and your question.

To unlock all template’s functions, please follow the guidance of the supporting documentation, available here: InnerSpace - Meditation App Template

If there will be any questions remaining after the doc reading, please let me know.


Hello - here’s a screenshot of what we see when trying to assign admin rights to the the template

Also even trying to see the template in preview mode gives us the following by default without any functionality which I don’t think should be the case.I would just like to edit each screen as shown in the demo.


Hi @fricktionlessdev, thanks for the additional details provided.

We’ve deployed the template one again, so this time it should come with the demo accounts & other content.
Please create a new copy of the template on your account and give it a try.

If the issue will persist even after, please let me know.


Serghei thanks.

So do I just go to the bubble marketplace and download it from there? I had already purchased it.

Please advise where and how do I go about doing that?


@fricktionlessdev, within your Bubble account, create a new app, using the Innerspace template, see the example below:

Serghei - thanks.
So from Bubble it shows that the template was last updated today. I have gone ahead and downloaded and created a new app.

However here’s what I’m still seeing from the DB (no users still grayed out options) and the preview of the template shows the blank screen.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 9.01.09 AM

@fricktionlessdev, this is noted.

I passed this case to the developer team for research. Once any results will appear, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding :pray:


Hello - Checking in. Still not sure why the preview of the default template is showing the blank screen as depicted in the pic above. Please Let us know

Hi @fricktionlessdev, sorry for no news so far.

The developer team is still investigating the case, and we’ve requested Bubble’s team support as the cause is not related to the tools we are using. Once the Bubble team will share a result, I will let you know about it asap.

Thank you for your patience :pray: