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Innerspace Meditation template - removing top padding for floating header


We tried to remove the top floating header scrollable by removing it.

There is some kind of top padding, I believe this exists in order to push the content down, leaving space for the floating header!
But we hid the header so how can we remove that padding?

We cannot find that setting.


Top floating header removed - too much padding on top

But even if we solve the padding problem, there is something more.
By moving the settings icon and its action into the index page, I also realized that subscription and account menu links lead to index page instead of the subscription or account page in mobile.

I don’t understand:
Heading page opens. But it’s underlying pages don’t?

Hi @floripaolo,

I’m afraid it is beyond my responsibilities as a support team member to provide guidance through the application customization process. Sorry about that.

General advice, in this case, would be to check all related actions, custom states, etc to see if you missed changing something related during the customization process.
Also, you can use in parallel a copy of the original template as well as the customized app, and check in “step by step” mode how and where it makes the difference.

If you have encountered any issues or have any questions about the default functionalities of our products - please feel free to reach out. We will do our best to help.


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