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Interacting with Google Embedder from within Bubble

Hi there, I’m attempting to create a flexible document production module in my bubble.is SAAS app. It will be used for complex legal documents (e.g. loan contracts) with the need to not only merge data from bubble, but to also dynamically hide/show and change content based on a number of variables. Ideally, my users should be able to interact with the final document prior to being converted into a PDF.

I know there are external solutions like Webmerge and Docmosis, but I was hoping to be able to use something like the Google Embedder plugin to present the merged document to my users inside my bubble app and in a consistent format that they can interact with prior to converting it to a pdf.

Could you please let me know a) if you think this is possible with your Plugin, and b) a few tips on the best way to approach this?

Thanks in advance,


hey Brett,
Google Embedder plugin is only for displaying Google Documents like sheets, docs presentations etc. It doesn’t allow you to manipulate the docs with Bubble’s data or merge various documents.
It might be possible to do what you require with some plugins but I don’t think i’ve seen any for Bubble. So maybe you’d need to look for some external solutions, or better yet I’d suggest you to manage all the content on the Bubble page without using any google docs etc. This way you’d be able to dynamically compile and manage content and then print it out as pdf, word or any other format. Makes sense?

Thanks for the quick reply mate. Yes that does make sense. Quick follow-up question - if I compile my document on a page in bubble, do you know if I can export/ convert to MS Word in a way that will retain its formatting and still be editable by the user in Word? (i.e. not a snapshot image). I can only find the various ‘convert page to pdf’ options…

here is one Bubble plugin that might help you do that http://documental.bubbleapps.io
please take a look

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