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Intermittent Errors in Google Location API Calls

Hi all. I am new here, so please forgive me if I am breaking forum rules. I am very open to feedback so please feel free to direct my attention to the relevant documentation.

I am building an app using Adalo. The app uses the user’s location for a central function of the app. The location function is not working properly and my Adalo expert cannot solve my problem and Adalo is not providing support. Here is the issue.

On a particular screen, the user sees their current address, which is determined by a standard API call using Google. (I contacted google and they see no issues with the call.) Now, frequently, this works exactly as intended. That is, the address of the user’s device is correctly indicated, updating whenever the user takes an action. (This is expected. Location is not updated continuously, but only when an action is taken.)

Sometimes, however, I am getting the following errors. 1) In many cases, the location seems not to be updating; that is, the user’s address on the screen is the one that the user was at previously, 2) In some cases, the address field being returned is simply empty, 3) most intriguingly, in some cases, the address is being returned correctly but I can see, using a map component in the app, the location on the map is not correct. (In one case, I was on Lombard St. in Philadelphia and, while the address was correct, the map had me on Lombard in San Francisco.) In yet a 4th case, I received a message, “Location Data Is Not Available.” (I added screenshots so you can see that the address (in Philadelphia) is indicated while the map has me elsewhere.

In short, there is clearly something amiss in returning the device’s address correctly using the Google location API call. I do not know how to go about further diagnosing the issue and, as I say, Adalo has not been helpful in providing support. I will be grateful for any help!

Hi @rkurzban, thanks for reaching out.

Regretfully, as the mentioned issue doesn’t relate to any of our products, and neither to the Bubble platform, for a proper support I would recommend checking and posting on the official Adalo forum: https://forum.adalo.com/

Hope this helps. In case there will be any questions about the use of our plugins on the Bubble platform, please let me know.