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Introducing FreeFlo.io a Workflow Management Platform for Freelancers

Hi All,
I recently launched FreeFlo.io a workflow management platform for freelancers. The MVP platform allows freelancers to easily keep track of clients, and projects. FreeFlo also allows users to request reviews from clients and share specific project details with clients via a unique client dashboard.

The FreeFlo platform is targeting a couple of main challenges for professional freelancers:

  1. Difficulty separating your freelancer services from others in the market.
  2. Maximizing billable hours while minimizing operational tasks.
  3. Managed project transparency with your clients.

FreeFlo was built on Bubble and is the first no-code app I’ve put out into the world. During this phase, I am looking for any comments/feedback on the platform and how it could be improved.

Any feedback is welcome :pray:

Thank you :rocket:

Hello @jasontrueblood

Glad that you’ve managed to create the MVP, congrats. It looks clean and a good start!

The footer seems to miss actions/links for the Privacy/T&C and Login. Also, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the admin link in the footer, but rather hide this page from indexing so that is only accessible by the admin only.

Was it built using one for Zeroqode’s Templates? If so, which one? : )


@Dumitru Thanks for the feedback :pray: