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Is the AirColorPicker broken?

It shows as an empty box on my page. It is very weird. Is it broken?

Hello @neilmagnuson11,

Thank you for reaching out to us:pray:

We’re aware of the issue you’re experiencing. It occurs when the initial data field is given dynamic data that comes back empty, leaving the plugin without a default color and thus rendering it unusable. We’ve addressed this in our latest update, version 1.121.0, that was recently released.

Please update the plugin by navigating to the plugins tab, selecting the plugin, and choosing the latest version from the dropdown.

I’ll be awaiting your confirmation to see if everything is now working smoothly or if you’re still facing any issues.

Best regards :sunflower:

Hi Dorel,
Thank you. It works now.

Hello @neilmagnuson11,

I’m thrilled to hear that everything is working smoothly now :pray:.

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Best regards :hibiscus: