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Is the Uplance template highly editable?

Hi guys, i’m planning to buy the Uplance template and few others (project management, Dashboards, , social media, and elearning) and we are planning to integrate them all under 1 prototype. do you think the Uplance platform is editable enough for us to play around with different approaches and concepts so we can deliver an MVP (even though it’s a bit too complicated) ?

Thank you

Hi @mehdimhamdi, thanks for reaching out.

It is doable, and to have a workable example, before starting the customization, please be sure to have a sketched plan, of how your MVP should look and work.
Combining templates would require a certain amount of work, but still will be easier than creating it from scratch.

If you want to add one template to another, please be sure to preliminary add all used plugins and data types, to omit errors and workflow missing steps.

All of our templates are highly customizable, all just depends on the skills and amount of work that is dedicated to the project.

Hope this helps. If there will be any other questions about our products, please let me know.


Hi Amin, thank you for your reply.
I totally agree with you regarding meeting the customers’ needs… and that’s exactly why I’m asking if this is highly customizable. because we definitely need to change a lot of this stuff to shape the product we want to build.
Luckily we can manage technically, but we want to move fast. soif this will create more drag in terms of building speed… we rather build something from scratch … tat’s why I’m asking.

Thank you again for all the advice… really appreciate your input.

Happy Building :heart:

Thank you @Serg, all clear!

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