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Is there a video plug-in that work with Bubble responsive app?

Every time when I resized my browser’s window or rotating my phone between portrait and landscape, the video in my app will stop and restart. My Bubble app isn’t fixed width.

Hello, @newlee

Have you checked our Video Player plugin for Bubble - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/video-player-1512891053548x348823817833938940
Here’s the Demo Page - https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/vidio_player_tests
which you could check the plugin in both landscape and portrait modes.


Thanks @Dumitru it is the same. I play a youtube video with your plug-in in your demo page, while the video is playing, if I resize the window the player will stop playing.

if your plug-in can fix this responsive issue.
you will be the one and only in the Bubble’s plug-in market.

Hello @newlee

We pushed an update to plugin with ability to continue watching videos in landscape or portrait mode but because bubble is redrawing elements on resize so videos from other sources reloads in any case.
So what it was done is, when the page resizes the video will reload but then will resume to the latest position.
Works with local videos and with vimeo links, but not with youtube.

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