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Issue with Agora ZeroQuode Plugin Streaming Component

I have purchased the Agora plugin for one of my app, for Live Streaming purpose. The streaming component Seems to be the one which will support this feature. Now I am facing two issues with it:

  • If someone joins the streaming as host, The stream starts successfully, but the streaming also streams his own audio back to the streamer, which is annoying and causing echo effects all the time. It should not be streaming the audio back to the streamer’s speakers and should only do the playback on audience’s Connection. and this is exactly how it works on the official Open Live example from Agora.

  • Whenever someone joins as a Audience, I create the token for audience as well and join them in the channel it asks them for the Camera and Audio permission, while there is no need to get those permissions for the Audience, even Agora’s Own Open Live example didn’t require it.

if any one faced these issues or know a possible workaround for them, their input is highly appreciated.

Umair A.

Hi, @contactumairakram!

Thanks for reaching out!

So that the host does not hear himself he needs to mute the sound on the laptop or not to use the headphones, or the other way- not to show the video on the page. It means, to disable “Show Streamer Video” in order not to get the sound back. I’m afraid it is not related to the plugin itself but the way the streaming data is being processed by devices.

We have added this notification which appears in the mobile browsers because there were problems with the sound on iOS. On some iOS versions, the audience didn’t hear the host, that’s why we have added this notification.

Hope this was useful!
Best, Julia.