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Issue with Apple log in plug in

My developer completed all necessary steps in documentation for this plug in but there is a bug or issue with it.

I have not been able to sign in since purchasing the plug in.

I have attached images:
first image is the “endpoint setups”
second image is the “workflow action of Sign In with Apple button”
third image is how the “error on preview”

So basically the issue is when we try to sign in for the first time it gives that error

Can anyone fix this or help me please?

Hi @garethpdowney,

Thanks for sharing more details. At this point:

You need to hit Detect data and leave it waiting, then preview your app and try to sign in for the first time, so it will actually detect the data and you’ll see these fields appear in the detecting popup:

And then you should save it and don’t forget to remove “/initialize” from redirect url. Then simply follow the docs instructions.


Just tried it, and this is what still shows on the preview?

Thanks @garethpdowney for feedback.

Perhaps this thread reply will help - 🍏 Sign in with Apple - New Plugin from Zeroqode with a couple of instructions.

And please make sure you are using the appropriate configurations with your Keys in the Plugins tab. :pray: