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Issue with coursely template


Oh I see it now, the element was part of the zeroqode ad


There is no tutorial for the Coursely template. Which template tutorial do you think is best to use to set up & learn to edit the coursely template? Feeling discouraged now


Hello @oadegbola

Sorry for late reply… :pray:
Yes. You’re right, we don’t a have a a video tutorial overview for the Coursely Template unfortunately.

This hard to recommend actually, since the template tutorials are mostly about their respective user cases, so looking at something which does not resemble what you want to do will make the things worse.

However you could take a look at some of our courses: https://lab.zeroqode.com/
Also Bubble provides different courses which can help you out - https://bubble.io/documentation

As well as other resources: https://bubble.io/community_resources

Hope this helps. :pray: