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Issue with coursely template


There is a square box on all the pages of the template. I don’t know how it got there & I have been unable to remove it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks


Hello, thanks for reaching us! Please identify the window that appeared by extending the following menus
Elements tree, and then page content. I think that from there you will be able to find it.
Best regards, Vitalie.


I did that, I can’t find it. I don’t see the shape when editing the app in bubble, but I see it in the preview. Very frustrating.


Started editing a new template again - now I get this & don’t know how to remove


Hello again!
Try next steps:
add ?debug_mode=true to your URL in browser

then you will get a page similar to my test application.
At the bottom there is a debugging interface:
There you can find the element which is in excess in your page, guessing it can be an image.
Best regards, Vitalie.


I am not a technical person. I cannot find the issue. I feel upset that I paid for a template which should be working & now I have to debug it - that is not acceptable. If you guys cannot fix the template, I would like a refund as I have no interest in debugging the template. Thanks


Hello @oadegbola

Let me jump in here.

I am sorry for the trouble with the template, however the template works as intended. Our Live Demo page does not show any issue related to a square element present on the page you’ve already edited.
Please take a look at our application: https://udemytemplate.bubbleapps.io/

As for the debug instructions which my colleague asked to do, are simple steps to understand for you how to remove the element from page which interferes with the UI.

Since you’ve shown a screenshot of the index page which it may seem.
The simplest way is to use the debugger tool of Bubble framework to find and delete this element by selecting it

Once you’ve found the element, go to your editor , for the required page select the element and remove it.

Hope this helps.

Please note: This is a reference guide which does not represent the exact element which should be removed, but rather a reference for you to take the necessary steps.
Thanks for understanding.



I’ve had to start a new app & I have made minimal edits so far - just the text & images. And this text appear in the second attempt. The first attempt a square appeared. It is in all pages. The experience in your live demo is not what I am experiencing, so I feel that is misleading. I have not been able to fix this with the debugger. I’ve worked with templates on Shopify & Wordpress, I have never been advised to debug myself, so this is not my expectation. You need to be able to stand behind your products & make sure they work 100% or it is a scam.



Sorry but I believe there is nothing to mislead about the template. The Live Demo is a thorough application which shows what the user will get.
We provide a general overview documentation for product as well the video demonstration which accompanies the product.
For all templates we strongly recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.
Bubble documentation - https://bubble.io/documentation
Thanks for understanding.


I do have a basic understanding of bubble, but I never saw we you strongly recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template. Where is it on the product page?


@oadegbola the disclaimer about recommendation can be found for every template which is published by Zeroqode on Bubble Product Page - https://bubble.io/template/courses-like-udemy--1509630238849x479543609925304300

Please check the last section of the description about it. Since all the transactions are made through marketplace which is Bubble, I believe everyone should see available information for product description on respective marketplace.
Hope this helps.



The problem still remains. I am unable to remove the square & I cannot find it in the debugger. What do you suggest then? I can’t launch a website with that on every page


Hi @oadegbola

Please add us as collaborator for your application, email: [email protected].
In the Settings Tab, under the Collaboration option and team we’ll take a look at it.

Please tell us the name of your application, and which page the issue is present.
Thanks for understanding.


Done. Here are some more images with the bugger. It is not visible with the debugger & it is floating


Hello again @oadegbola
We have found your issue.
It was a reusable element inside Header.
Please be careful when working with reusable elements. Additionally, you could walk through some documentation https://manual.bubble.io/structuring-an-application/reusable-elements.html
Best regards,


Thanks. I did not out it there, but it is still there. It has not been removed. Even worse I now have the zeroquode template banner which I did not have before & still have the reusable element.

> Can you guys fix this, thanks


Deleted now, please check.


Thanks. How about the zeroquode banner? It is still there.


Hello again,
Refer to the following instructions that appear when you close the banner,

Best regards,
Wish you easy development.


Thanks. Just curious why you guys added the banner as it was not there previously? Also why did the reusable element only show during preview, not during the development?