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Issue with CRMy template

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and I just purchased a template (CRMy). Once I added it to my Bubble instance, this is what I see:

Am I missing any setting? There is no much that I can do with this template.

  • Franco

under the element tree on the top left corner you can make some of the components disappear. Or double click a component and scroll through the pop-up window and click ‘Reveal in the elements tree’ …this will help you see things better. When you preview your site, you will not see all components at once (like you do in the image you attached) depending on the logic behind each component

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Hi @franco,

Thank you for reaching out. It is a good point already made by @AlexaAnne. This is just the development environment which can be overpopulated with different elements. However, if you Preview your app, it will help you see how it is actually going to work. To make it cleaner, you can hide/show elements of your editor inside Elements tree section here:

Hope it is helpful.


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