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Issue with new Stopwatch plugin

Just trying to get your new Simple Stopwatch/Timer plugin going. Looks like it will be perfect for my needs, but getting this error.

Is there genuinely an error or is there something wrong with my usage. I get the error as soon as I drag any of the plugins elements onto the page.

Oh, one other thing. Only little, but it would be good if everything could have ‘Simple’ or something in front of it, as I already have numerous plugins that used the word Stopwatch, Coundown, etc, so it is hard knowing which one to use each time. Maybe even having Zeroqode in front, e.g. Zeroqode Stopwatch, as then it differentiates your awesome plugins from all the others :slight_smile:

Hello @Siddhartha

It may be an error due to Bubble. Maybe try uninstall and install again the plugin, place the element on page and refresh the app.
Also if simple troubleshooting does not help, please fill a Bubble bug report: https://bubble.io/bug_report

Thanks for feedback regarding naming of plugins and products, we always strive to improve it and differentiate from others.
But the plugin name already comes with “simple” word in front :slight_smile:

Since this is simple Timer and Stopwatch :smiley:


Here’s a screenshot showing you what I mean Dumitru:

As you can see it just says Countdown, whereas if it said Simple Countdown I would be able to differentiate it from the one that already says Countdown. It would also match with the actual name of the plugin which is Simple Timer/Stopwatch

And guess what. There is the same problem with the Timer, and I already have a Timer element.

If you just called it Simple Timer it would mean the plugin and the elements were all easier to spot.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi there.

Thanks for actually mentioning the visual elements which are part of plugin :slight_smile: . At first you said the plugin name that’s why I provided the you with the link to plugin which is indeed “simple” timer/stopwatch.
However, the elements do not have the simple in front, nor Zeroqode.

We’ll take notes and see what could be done. Cheers.