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Issue with SearchPro

I’m having an error with SearchPro. I think it’s complaining that it has an empty source but I don’t think it should be having this issue. Could you help me troubleshoot it?

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Hello @rico.trevisan, :wave:

Thank you for reaching out.

Typically, this error can occur when attempting to use nested folders, where a data type references another database table. It’s important to note that nested folders are not supported by the SearchPro plugin, which could be the root cause of the issue you’re encountering.

If you’re not using nested folders, please share screenshot, where we can see the data type of the information, that you are trying to search for. This will help us better understand the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation. :pray:

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Thanks, Daniel.

I’m not sure I understand what the concept of a nested folder is, let me try to give you as much information as possible.

Here’s a walkthrough video: Walkthrough SearchPro setup | Loom

It’s inside a reusable inside another reusable

  |> admin leads panel (reusable)
    |> leads-filter (reusable)
      |> SearchPro

Some screenshots
The element and its search expression

The data structure

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Hello @rico.trevisan, :wave:

Thank you for sharing the walkthrough video. It sounds like you have a complex structure involving reusables nested within each other, which could indeed add layers to the troubleshooting process.

To assist you more effectively, could you please clarify what your end goal is with this setup? For example, when you mention filtering purchases by ID and then searching for them, it would be helpful to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to display specific information based on these IDs, or is there another objective you have in mind?

Granting us access to your app would allow us to get a clearer picture of how your data is structured and how the searches are being set up. This direct insight would significantly aid in pinpointing the issue and providing a more accurate solution. For this please add our email as a collaborator of your app (disregard the warning, our email can be added to the collaborator list even if your app is on the Free plan). And please let me know the page name where the issue is found.

Looking forward to your response and more details so we can resolve this.

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Hi again @rico.trevisan, :wave:

Just wondering if you got my previous message. I wanted to see if you were able to resolve the issue you were experiencing. Is everything working smoothly now?

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